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HTTP/1.1 KeepAlive problems with Netscape 3.0

Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 16:03:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: Alexei Kosut <akosut@organic.com>
To: Apache Group
Subject: Re: keepalive and windoze

Good news and good news (of a sort)..

I was able to snag a Windows 95 machine here at Organic, and tried out
some things:

1) On Netscape 3.0b4, I was able to reproduce the bug, each and every
time. It's really simple: go to the Network Setup panel. Set it to
"Connect Every Time" and only let it have 1 connection at once (this may
not be necessary, but it's helpful). Then load an image that's
kept-alive. Then wait until the connection times out (this depends on the
server - 10-30 seconds, except for MIIS, which never times out, near as I
can tell). Then hit reload. It will hang. (actually, once it crashed).

2) This happens with all forms of server. Apache 1.1, Netscape 2.0,
Spyglass 1.2, NCSA 1.5 (although, as stated, I couldn't test MIIS).

3) Netscape 3.0b5 does, indeed, *not* have this bug. At least, I couldn't
get it to perform such. Yipee.

So, we just put up a note on the web page. Make sure we say that all the
servers have the bug, it's a Windows bug, and Netscape Navigator 3.0b5
works around it. That way, no one can yell at us. Yes?

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